Femmessence Slimming Body Mask

Femmessence Slimming Body Mask

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450g – Slimming Body Mask stimulates blood circulation, reduces the visibility of ‘cellulite peel’ & activates the thermogenesis process, speeding up fat burning.

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SLIMMING BODY MASK is a product that contains a synergy of brown algae (Tisochrysis Lutea) and grapefruit essential oil. This combination helps to stimulate blood circulation, reduces the visibility of ‘cellulite peel’ and activates the thermogenesis process by speeding up fat burning. Cupuacu butter, which is rich in fatty acids, phytosterols and shea butter, is combined with macadamia oil to moisturise, nourish and firm dry and sensitive skin. The Femmessence Body Mask combines superior effectiveness and comfort of use. It is applied to problem areas and provides a visible reduction in cellulite and an overall improvement in skin texture.


The SLIMMING BODY MASK is a unique product that helps to regenerate and smooth the skin. To use the mask, apply a small amount of the product to cleansed skin and perform a gentle massage until the partial absorption of the product. To intensify the regeneration and smoothing effect, use the “body wrapping” method. Wrap the body with foil and cover with a warm blanket, allowing the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Remove the foil after 30 minutes, product should be massaged into the skin if any leftover.

SLIMMING BODY MASK can be used on a daily basis for best results.

Active Ingredients:

Lipout TM | Cupuacu Butter | Vitamin E | Shea Butter | Pomegranate Seed Oil | Macadamia Oil | Pumpkin Seed Oil | Avocado Oil & Natural Grapefruit Essential Oil

Femmessence Ultra Slimming Program

If you’re unhappy with your appearance due to an excessive accumulation of fat or cellulite, you’ll be pleased to know that there are professional treatments available that can help. HERLA’s line of firming, slimming and shaping products uses the latest technology to target the cause of cellulite – the UCP1 gene. This innovative treatment helps to stimulate the expression of this gene, resulting in increased fat thermogenesis and a reduction in cellulite. The unique combination of active ingredients and natural botanical oils is both effective and safe, leaving you with smooth, firm skin. So if you’re looking for a way to achieve the body you’ve always wanted, make sure to check out HERLA’s line of firming, slimming and shaping products.

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