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Non Acetone Polish Remover

Non Acetone Polish Remover

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118ml – Gently and effectively remove your nail polish without stripping the essential oils and nutrients.



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Jessica’s new Non Acetone Polish Remover is an innovative way to re-imagine nail polish removal. This product will gently and effectively remove your nail polish without stripping the essential oils and nutrients from the nail plate and surrounding skin. As am added bonus, the non-oily formula helps to condition your cuticles which of course promotes healthy natural nail growth.

Is Non Acetone Polish Remover for Me?

The importance of a good polish remover is often overlooked by many and the temptation is to buy something cheap “as they are all the same”. This may be true with less expensive products, however this product is different. Jessica has extended her natural nail care philosophy into polish remover and released this exciting new product for those that need to ensure their nails DO NOT dry out when removing polish.

If you change polish more once a week or more, then look no further, this one is definitely for you!

Strengths – a polish remover that is gentle, non-oily, non-smear formula with a light and fresh fragrance, completely free from acetone.


How to Use Non Acetone Polish Remover

Use lint free wipes or cotton discs and gently place on nail plate and wipe down toward free-edge.

Experts Tip

When it comes time to re-apply your polish, it is best to prepare your nails for the new polish by scrubbing them with a nail brush and a mixture of warm water and oil-free soap. Make sure you dry your nails thoroughly too. This will ensure a clean nail that is free of any polish remover or other oils which will ruin your painting.

You are then ready to apply 1 or 2 coats of your favourite base coat to protect your nails from drying , splitting or peeling, prior to applying the polish.


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