Anti-fungal Treatment 15ml

Anti-fungal Treatment 15ml

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Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal Formula

Eliminates fungus and bacteria that can lead to nail infections.

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Is This for Me?

My skin surrounding my nail is itching, burning, and peeling. The nail looks lifted from the free edge and it seem to be getting bigger. I have white patches under my nails and I wear polish to hide this.I have been told it could be a fungal infection? If you answered yes to this then you need Anti Fungal Treatment.


Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal formula, effectively helps to eliminate fungus and bacteria that can lead to nail infections and or loss of nail

How to Use

Clean the nails with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly.

Apply 3-4 drops (fluid) two times a day (mornings and evenings) to the affected nails.

Special attention around cuticle areas, under the free edge or in-between toes

Allow solution to soak into skin or rub in before putting on socks

Key Ingredients

Active Ingredient: Tolnaftate

Inactive Ingredient: Allantoin

Experts Tip

No need to remove polish or acrylics as this treatment will penetrate due to a patented delivery system. While performing this treatment we recommend to keep nails as short as possible to expose the infection to sunlight, wear open shoes as much as possible, clean socks every day, keep nails dry and without polish for quicker results.

This product has an expiry date at the end of the bottle please check when in use, and never miss your daily application of 2 times a day.


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