Active Nail Protection 2 x 15ml

Active Nail Protection 2 x 15ml

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Adds strength to active nails

Active Nail Protection is a 2 step combination product that provides a unique blend of strengtheners and conditioners, micro and natural fibers that create a cushion that protects nails that are prone to splitting or breaking.  Especially effective for anyone who uses their hands a lot by keeping nails pliable and flexible.

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Is This for Me?

I use my hands a lot and my nails are weak, fragile and break easily. I do not like to use Gels or acrylics so I need a base-coat that can mimic an artificial nail without having fake nails and providing my nails some strength. If you answered yes to any of these then Reward Base Coat is for you


Strengthens and cushions nails for maximum protection and prevents breakages.

How to Use

Apply one coat of Life jacket horizontally on clean, bare nails.

Apply one coat vertically, creating a protective weave. Apply sparingly. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Apply Flawless to hide the weave of the fibers

Optional: Colour can be applied with this treatment if desired, or complete your treatment with Brilliance Topcoat for best results

LIFE JACKET is a prescriptive treatment and should only be used for 6-8 weeks until nail condition improves.

 Key Ingredients

Nylon fibers

Experts Tips

Life-jacket must be used with Flawless to hide the fibers. Life-jacket base-coats makes a perfect alternative for those that do not want artificial nails but need a nail protection to avoid nail breakages.


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