Active Nail Protection 2 x 15ml

Active Nail Protection 2 x 15ml

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Adds strength to active nails

Active Nail Protection is a 2 step combination product that provides a unique blend of strengtheners and conditioners, micro and natural fibres that create a cushion that protects nails that are prone to splitting or breaking.  Especially effective for anyone who uses their hands a lot by keeping nails pliable and flexible.

2 x 15ml Bottle

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Use Active Nail Protection as follows:
Step 1 – Apply 1 a very thin coat of Life Jacket Added Strength directly to clean bare nail horizontally and allow to dry.
Step 2 – Apply a second very thin coat vertically thus creating a protective weave.
Step 3 – Allow to dry thoroughly before applying Flawless Ridge Filler to hide ridges and achieve a smooth surface.
Step 4 – Apply your favourite colour.

Key Ingredients

Nylon Fibres Camphour


Strengthens and cushions the nail for maximum protection.  Prevents breakage and helps the nail to remain pliable and flexible.

Experts Tip from our Master Educator

Use Phenomen Oil and Nourish to promote healthy new nail growth when using Active Nail Protection.


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