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    Anti-fungal Treatment 15ml

    Maximun Strength

    JESSICA's Antifungal Treatment effectively eliminates fungus and bacteria that can lead to nail infections.  No need to remove polish or acrylics.  Penetrates with patented delivery system.18ml Bottle
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    Nibble No More 15ml

    Stops Nail Biting!

    A fast and effective treatment formulated with bitter cactus extract that gives nails an undesirable, bitter taste, helping to break the lifelong habit of nail biting.  Also stimulates healthy new growth.15ml Bottle
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    Active Nail Protection 2 x 15ml


    Adds strength to active nails

    Active Nail Protection is a 2 step combination product that provides a unique blend of strengtheners and conditioners, micro and natural fibres that create a cushion that protects nails that are prone to splitting or breaking.  Especially effective for anyone who uses their hands a lot by keeping nails pliable and flexible.2 x 15ml Bottle
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    Cuticle Spa 2 x 15ml


    The total cuticle care team

    Cuticle Spa provides double action cuticle care and repair, by combining the positive effects of 2 signature Jessica products.  Use day and night as needed and your cuticles will feel silky and smooth in 3 - 5 days.  Also promotes beautiful, perfect and healthy nail growth so your polish shines like never before.2 x 15ml Bottle
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    Dynamic Duo Pack 2 x 15ml

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    Create the perfect manicure

    Dynamic Duo pack contains a versatile base coat for everyday use to nuture your nails. Ensures you have the best nail foundation.Also includes the most advanced top coat on the market. Designed to rapidly dry JESSICA Custom Colour polish and provide a tough gel-like shine that lasts.2 x 15ml Bottle
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