JESSICA At Home Manicure


Jess at Home

Jessica at Home

While nothing is quite as pampering as having your nails done by a professional regularly, this handy guide will help you keep your nails beautiful and healthy in between visits to your nail care professional.

Applying Your Polish
Essential Homecare for Nails

At Home Mini Manicure

Step 1:  Remove all traces of nail polish from the top and under each nail with JESSICA Polish Remover.

Polish Remover 118ml

Step 2:  Perform an analysis of your nails to determine if they are healthy and suitable to apply polish.

Nails should be pink, strong, smooth and flexible.

* If your nails are not in good shape you should consult a JESSICA Manicurist for a professional nail analysis or apply the correct treatment base coat to restore their condition.

Step 3:  Generously apply the following products:

  • Phenomen Oil – massage into the cuticle area and any other areas of dry skin.
  • Nourish – massage into the cuticle area after applying phenomen oil.
  • Hand & Body Moist. Emulsion – massage into your hands up to the wrist.

Step 4:  Soak both hands for 2 minutes in Hand & Body Bath diluted with warm water.

Step 5:  Dry your hands gently but thoroughly.

Step 6:  Apply a second small amount of Nourish and massage into the cuticles to further soften them.

Step 7:  Gently push back the cuticles using an orange-wood stick.

Step 8:  Trim and file your nails gently.

* Filing technique is important and should be from right to centre – left to centre.  DO NOT “saw” the file or cut cuticles.

tech tip 2

Step 9:  Place hands back into Hand & Body Bath and briskly remove ALL traces of oils and creams with a nail brush.

Step 10:  Dry hands thoroughly and you are now ready to apply your favourite Custom Colour!

Applying Your Polish

Part A – Base Coat

  • Generously apply 2 coats of appropriate Reward (normal healthy nails) or a prescribed Corrective Base Coat.
  • Apply first coat over and across the free edge of the nail, sealing the edges.
  • Apply second coat on the nail plate.

Part B – Colour

  • Generously apply 2 coats of colour.
  • Allow the polish to dry between coats and before applying a top coat (1 – 2 minutes).

Part C – Top Coat

  • Apply 1 coat of Top Priority to seal the colour.
  • Apply 1 coat of Brilliance.
  • Apply a drop of Quick Dry to ensure against smudging or scratching.

Now you can confidently show your beautiful, well polished nails and be the envy of your friends!


Essential Homecare For Nails

So you have just had an incredibly good manicure done by the professional at your salon and now that you are home and want to keep the manicure looking great, what do you do?

Follow these expert homecare tips and your JESSICA manicure will stay looking good and last up to 7 days!


  • Phenomen Oil – massage into the cuticles before bedtime.
  • Nourish – Massage into the cuticles and fingers.
  • Hand & Body Moisturising Emulsion – use generously for hands, arms, feet and body.

The Day After

  • The day after having your manicure, apply Top Priority under and over the nail, sealing the edges.
  • This protects the manicure and the nail.

3 – 4 Days

  • Re-apply your colour and then coat with Brilliance which will help prevent chipping.

7 – 14 Days

  • Time to go back and see your therapist and have a follow up treatment and manicure!